About Us

SleepCare Solutions Australia: Do you snore, wake up feeling tired and restless or do you have a restless night's Sleep, referred to as Sleep Apnoea?

Then SleepCare can assist you

We supervise treatment with CPAP through our exclusive 4-Week CPAP Trial, where patients can become acclimatised and familiar with different models of CPAP machines, and can then decide if they wish to proceed with treatment

Follow-up treatment review sleep studies can be booked to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment - this includes where patients have lost weight or are receiving treatment via MAS and/or lifestyle modifications

SleepCare Solutions Australia undertake Home Based Sleep Studies, CPAP trials and evaluations, advice and service of CPAP therapy equipment.

Our clinics are conveniently located in:

  • Drouin: Unit 1 28, Princes Way, Drouin
  • Leongatha, Long Street Family Medicine, 1 Long Street
  • Korumburra, Korumburra Medical Centre, 50 Radovick Street
  • Churchill, Hazelwood Health Centre, 9A Georgina Place
  • Yarram: Yarram Medical Centre, 91 Commercial Road, Yarram
  • Lang Lang Community Family Medicine, 5 Whitstable Street, Lang Lang
  • Foster and Toora Medical Centre, 97 Station Road, Foster
  • Latrobe Medical Centre, 24 Kay Street, Tralagon
  • Bunyip Medical Clinic, 11 Abeckett Road. Bunyip, VIC 3815
  • Latrobe Medical Centre, 31 Mason Street, Warragul, VIC 3820

Call 5625 5155 for all Sleep Enquiries