Welcome to SleepCare Solutions Australia

SleepCare Solutions Australia specialises in home based sleep monitoring and professional treatment for a broad range of sleep problems, including Sleep Apnoea, Snoring, Periodic Leg Movements, and Insomnia.

SleepCare Introduces F&P SleepStyle™ Lightweight with blue tooth connectivity, easy access water chamber, integrated design.

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Our advantages include:

  • SleepCare Solutions Australia is a Gippsland service provider in the area of sleep disorders - a one-stop clinic for diagnosis, treatment and patient follow-up.
  • We pride ourselves on our first-rate professional service and qualified staff, who offer ongoing support and friendly advice every step of the way.
  • Comfort and peace of mind for the patient - no overnight hospital stay, and no waiting lists
  • Convenient and cost-effective sleep monitoring - prompt treatment can be implemented
  • Trained medical personnel to assist patients in set-up and ongoing treatment
  • Ongoing sleep apnoea treatment and reviews through our excellent CPAP clinic service
  • Thorough clinical consultations and reviews with our sleep physicians.

We supervise treatment with CPAP through our exclusive 4-Week CPAP Trial, where patients can become acclimatised and familiar with different models of CPAP machines, and can then decide if they wish to proceed with treatment

Follow-up treatment review sleep studies can be booked to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment - this includes where patients have lost weight or are receiving treatment via MAS and/or lifestyle modifications