SleepCare Accredited Suppliers of ResMed in Gippsland

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SleepCare are proud to announce they are now accredited suppliers of the excellent range of ResMed products for the Gippsland region. SleepCare continue to strive to provide the best products to our clients to ensure their satisfaction, optimum results and leading technologies in the market place.

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The revolution you've been waiting for

Never before has a CPAP device so small been able to deliver on waterless humidification or therapy performance in the same way. Leveraging ResMed’s most proven algorithms and revolutionary new technologies, AirMini™ is ideal for patients looking for high quality therapy in a pocket-sized design that can be used at home or while they're away.

What sets AirMini apart?

ActiveAir™ - This unique technology regulates airflow to keep the device stable and comfortable as pressure increases.

HumidX™ - ResMed's first waterless humidification system1.

AirMini App - Control your AirMini via Bluetooth using selected smart devices.

A complete system - all components are designed to work together to provide a smooth therapy experience.